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Curated to Run

Our mission is to advance the holistic culture of distance running through showcasing the essence of running, living abnormally to achieve greatness, and promoting the lifestyle of running for all.


"Our passions have always stemmed from our love of running. Now is our chance to share it with the running community."

- Mitch Black, Brand + Marketing

Vintage Apparel & More

We're a creative brand meant to advance the holistic culture of distance running by showcasing the essence of the sport, living abnormally to achieve greatness, and promoting the lifestyle of running for all. The face of our brand starts with our tasteful, vintage-style apparel and extends to our written and audio content. What makes us unique however, is the dreaming, thinking, creating, and sharing of stories, ideas, and moments, inspired by running, both past and present.

Our brand is centered on bringing the forgotten stories of runners to the forefront of the running community and beyond. This sport was built for the underdogs, and there is no shortage of elite runners who lived their dreams while working full time, overcoming historical events, or living in poverty. Pre set records and fought the power while living on food stamps...but he’s not the only one. &Run’s objective is to give a voice to these stories that are yet to be told. We get to the source and personally seek out these athletes, coaches, gurus and personalities to understand the depth of the past, present, and history of our sport. We are running nerds because we understand the worth that our sport brings to this broken world. Our purpose is to share this depth and to progress our sport and set a new direction for education and excitement.


Read and listen to the stories that make distance running more than sport. Hear about the failures that turned into successes and the miles that meant more. 


"&Run is a creative company that lets us inspire and share our passions. Tack any word onto &run and you've got yourself a brand that encompasses the meaning of distance running. All you have to do is dream&run."

- Haley Harms, Designer + Creative

Living Abnormally

We curated this idea right around the start of quarantine. As post-collegiate distance runners, we knew running was always going to be a part of us. Once the global pandemic took over the world and slowed life down, we realized now was our time to create a brand that we were passionate about, all stemming from our love for running and everything it has given us. 

This distance running culture is nothing new to us. The culture of outdoor running is a lifestyle sport that creates abnormal living that gives purpose and worth to all who run, whether for fun or at the pro level. We’re a small team full of creativity and we wanted to use our talents to create something cool and important to push the sport forward. We started this brand to fill a void we see in the running community. Social media highlights the impressive times and performances, but not many show the process, the stories, or those who aren’t at the top. The running community is full of unsung historical figures, unsponsored athletes, and sub-elite post-collegiates who are invested in the community and the lifestyle.


Hard Things Are Tough To Do

That's why we came together to bring all facets of running together, to one single platform. Our crew consists of two college coaches, a sports psychology student, a sports chiropractic student, a sports shop owner, and two sports marketers + brand experts. We each are passionate about a different side of the sport and bring a special perspective to the table, which helps create a holistic element to our brand. Though we each find exhilaration through different avenues, we are connected by our passion for the sport, our underdog mentality, and our fearless effort to continue the running lifestyle at all costs.

At the heart of the brand is the pursuit. We’re giving a purpose to all of the miles. We have created something special to identify with, to last, to dream…&Run.



We don't care what type of runner you are, we care about what it means to run. This is a brand people will fall in love with. Inspired by the old and the stories we tell; built for the new and the stories yet to be created. Interested in telling your story or want to learn more about the distance community & sport? Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! 

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